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Pondera County | City of Conrad
Growth Policy

Pondera County, in conjunction with the City of Conrad, is developing an updated Growth Policy. A growth policy is an official public document adopted and used by a local government as a general guide for decisions regarding the community’s physical development. It is not a regulation; rather, it is an official statement of public policy to guide growth and manage change for the betterment of the community. Some reasons Pondera County and Conrad wants to update it's Growth Policy are:

Community Values

Builds Community

Safer Communities

Attracts Business

Affordable Housing

Funding Opportunities

"Planning allows the community to envision its future and proactively work to achieve it, instead of just reacting and moving from one short‐range, quick‐fix solution to another, as events occur.”

Stahly Engineering & Associates:

Kathy Thompson, P.E.



Robie Culver


Use the comment box below to tell us your thoughts on growth in Pondera County and Conrad. You will not be able to submit unless you have the text, name and email boxes filled out. Thank you!!

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